Home Weak Points

Finding Your Home Weak PointsWhat are your Security weak points?

Statistics from the crime prevention agency show that 95% of burglaries are opportunity led; a flimsy or unsecured door, ,an open window, a garden shed with tools visible inside it , large windows with no netting in place, a key left in a front door by accident or key left hidden for the kids, small silly things that could potentially be very costly.

There are no super burglars breaking into houses just to steal DVD players and home computers which cost a few hundred sterling, opportunist burglars steal light weight small items like DVDs, jewellery anything they can discreetly conceal.

To spot the criminal opportunities you are presenting and offering to a burglar you must try to put yourself in the burglars shoes, adopting the burglars viewpoint actually is quite a shock when you start to notice how much you are advertising your home, the principal remains sound, however: to defeat the burglar you must see your house from there point of view.

The burglar stands outside your house and you must do the same. Go to the boundary of your property-fence, hedge if it’s a detached house, the balcony if its a flat, front doorstep if its a terraced house opening onto the street. Look at your house from the boundary and compare it with the neighbours houses, ask yourself the same three questions that a burglar will immediately ask themselves:

Is the house occupied? Is it difficult to gain entry? Is there anything in view worth stealing.

Nothing on display here!

Go all around the property looking at different angles also look  at the neighboring houses on either side and the back. Work your way methodically from the perimeter towards your house looking for obstacles and opportunities. Keep asking yourself the question what the burglar will be asking themselves:

As well as the things that make life difficult for burglars, look for things that make it easy for them to gain access to your property.

  • What’s the distance to the nearest neighbours? Do the windows of the neighbouring house s overlook the property? Is the fence easy to scale? Could someone get into the neighbours garden easily and then get into yours from there? Is there a dog? Are there outside lights? Do they cover the whole of the building? Is there cctv or alarm systems?
  • Does the Burglar have a covered approach to the house? Is the back of the house dark? Could someone stand behind it unseen? Are there any obvious windows through which they could gain access? Are there any ladders lying around or a dustbin they could climb on?
  • Can you identify people standing outside your door without opening it, either by a window or a peep hole?

  • Could someone work at a lock inside the porch without being seen?

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