The Threat

To You and Your Family

In addition to these personal factors, the level to which you should take your security measures to also depends on the dangers, “the threat”, especially in your own community, you would need greater protection living in a ground floor flat in a socially run down urban city area than you would in a flat on the middle floor of a manned security tower block.

Wherever you live burglars don’t go round looking for the biggest challenge or the hardest house to break into, the reward has got to be worth they’re effort, if you make it easy by being security complacent they will do it, “simple”.

To do the job right and your house will appear so unattractive to a burglar that you could leave the door unlocked without being in any danger of being robbed.

The problem today with home security is people want you to see what they have on display as a form of self achievement, “the ego”, again something we are all guilty of at some point or another, but by putting simple security measures in place you greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of home burglary.

Effective Home Security Tips

To make your house more secure you must

  • Create the impression for your home that there is nothing worth stealing.
  • Make it impossible for a Burglar to tell if the house is occupied or unoccupied.
  • Convince the Burglar it’s not worth there while breaking in.

Security can often be a game of deception

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