Security Risks

What Are The Risks

According to European insurance companies, statistic report forms for 2009 show in most areas the greatest security risks to yourself and your family are:

  • Fire
  • Theft & Burglary
  • Accidental Personal Injury
  • Personal Attack & Robbery
  • Cyber Data Theft


People often say they have nothing worth stealing, but everyone has something worth protecting.

Possessions such as family memorabilia, photographs and ornaments have no commercial worth, but they are sentimental value beyond calculation, they’re irreplaceable and though they may not be taken in a break-in they may get damaged.

Even if nothing is taken you still don’t want anyone coming into your home uninvited, the traumatic effect it can have on you afterwards isn’t nice, if your insured ok, you can replace most of what was taken like the computer, television, DVD player, play station, but objects that are sentimental can never be replaced, a break in leaves a mental scar that you don’t forget in a hurry.

It’s vital that you prepare and plan your home security carefully.

Securing your home should be a priority so why take the RISK!

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