Fire Safety

Risk Of Fire

If you have a fire during the night, you must have a plan, you must all know what you’re going to do and how your going to get out if the access to the lower floors are impassable.

If you’re on holiday,  there will be a fire safety plan on your hotel door or on any public transportation you will find fire safety instructions.

In most cases you need to devise a safety/escape plan  for your house or any other confined environment, make sure everybody knows there roll when the actions on because you may be absent from the property when it starts or you may be the one who is overcome with toxic fumes, so make sure the next member of your family knows there Fire drills just as well as you do. 

Fire Fighting Equipment

Having fire safety equipment to hand can potentially increase your chances of extinguishing the blaze before it gets to out of control.


It should be standard practice to keep fire extinguishing equipment within the home, office or car.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are far more important than any burglar alarm system. Every home should have them installed, because they could Save Your Life.

It only takes a few breathes of inhaling smoke to knock you unconscious, you would think that you would wake up during a fire but this is sadly a big misconception that has caused many countless deaths that could have been prevented had they installed a detector .Why wait until it is to late. Take action through prevention now!

Smoke detectors are absolutely essential. All other security gadgets, from alarms through to closed circuit television , should be seen as supplements to your security precautions, not as ends in themselves. Do the ground work and research first by identifying the opportunities and that will then tell you what security supplements you need.