Home Security Awareness

Applying Common Sense

Your Home Security is not dictated solely by what’s on the outside of your house.

As well as making your home as physically secure as possible you must also try to create the impression that the house is never occupied and does not contain anything of massive particular value.

If you’re trying to hard to impress the neighbours , you’ll also be impressing the burglars with potentially disastrous consequences.

Creating a false impression is the key, again as I mention on the other pages, you have to apply the art of deception.

Security Deception

One of the biggest arts of deception I’ve personally witnessed was an old tramp in my local town who would beg all day in rags, not so much for the money as he never bothered me for cash,  more just to get some social stimulation,  in summary, he became so detached with having so much money,  he used begging as a form of communication and he felt people didn’t judge him so much as they believed he had nothing when he is in fact a self made millionaire with wads of cash in the bank,  just goes to show you cant judge a character as everyone is unique.

Simple Deceptions can also help you in your home security, but even though there’s always a car in the drive, for example if a thief can look through your windows, it will be fairly obvious whether the house is occupied. You’re also allowing them to find out whether you have a room full of antiques or technological goodies.

It’s a mistake to place attractive expensive items where they can be seen by passers by. Positioning the furniture people can look in and see what you have is again practically an invitation to a burglar, it makes your home attractive to them.

Remove the opportunity by not allowing people to see that you have Net Curtains!something worth stealing.

Put your more attractive items out of sight, also make sure you have net curtains up on all windows, a very cheap  but effective security measures that a child could put in place, this also makes it difficult to tell whether someone is in the house or not.

A security measure that will greatly reduce the odds of you being targeted by a burglar or thief.

We can never eliminate criminal activity we can only seek to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime and by applying some of these free and low costing security measures, we do greatly reduce the risk, make sure you draw all curtains at night.

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