Dogs for Security


Why A Dog

A barking dog is another line of defence around you, because it will detect intruders before they even reach your house .

A dog these days costs less than a security alarm system, and is probably one of the most effective security measures you can apply to your home security. Always providing that the dog is big enough to deter any potential burglar, but not so vicious that you are putting your family at a further risk especially if you have young children, always make sure if you buy a guard dog – Alsatian – Doberman – that you buy it from a reputable kennel.

On the flip side if the dog is a poodle or a spaniel lets say then its not really going to have the desired effect and will not be much use in guarding your property and family.

A dog can give you great security providing it is trained properly i.e barking at the right times, if the dog barks at every person or sound around the home then it will not be effective.

On the downside a dog can also cause you some problems for instance if you want to go away on holiday or just simply go away for the weekend? If the dog isn’t there then it’s obvious the house is empty to a burglar. There is a solution if you are prepared to pay someone you trust to house sit, it may add a few pounds to the cost of your holiday but that is better than having your house burgled.

Guard Dogs

A recent survey published by Barclays bank claimed that there was little noticeable difference between the crime rates affecting households with dogs and those without them, but that conclusion was based on woefully inadequate data, there was no reference to the size of the dog or whether it was being taken for a walk at the time of the burglary or whether it was left in the kennels. Missing such data out leaves a very vague report.

Army experience suggest that the Barclays survey was wrong. The military differentiate between attack dogs and guard dogs. Guard dogs are noisy attack dogs are quiet.

In the battalion we spent months trying to defeat guard dogs without ever finding a satisfactory solution.

Once a dog starts barking it wont stop until someone stops it. However If you have a dog you must heed the warning it gives you. When it starts to bark within the house the overall usual response is to start yelling at it to be quiet, people don’t normally go and check to see why it is barking, in the military if a dog starts barking someone always goes out to see why its barking.

Attack Dogs

Having an attack dog around the family house for security measures is not advisable.

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