Check I.D

How To Check Someone’s Identification

You must also stop and check people in uniforms and suits at your door,  just because they are wearing an official uniform or smart suit, you must not automatically assume that they are who they  say they are, any professional will automatically present you with identification as a standard business  protocol.

An official looking uniform or identity card, or a telephone call which lowers you’re defences, can persuade you to allow bogus officials into you’re home, yet bogus officials and fake ID cards are routinely used to con and rob people, especially  the elderly part of society.

For Example, Phone Rings

When you answer the phone, a voice would say to you, ‘Hello, Is Joe Bloggs there’ please?

You would say, ‘Sorry, wrong number.’

A couple of minutes later, the phone would ring again, ‘again a man asking for Joe Bloggs’.

He would then apologise to you and say ‘must be a fault on the line.’ I’ll report it’.

Half an hour later, British Telecom phone you up  asking ‘have you got a fault’?

‘Yes’ you would reply.

They would answer; Ok, ‘we will send someone out as soon as possible’.

A while later, a British telecom type van would turn up.

Not knowing you have just been conned into the idea you that you have a phone line connection problem, you would let in the two phone engineers , and whilst one fiddled with the phone and kept you talking, the other would go searching round the house looking for valuable items or information

This con has been used on over 60 people in one community.

So don’t think it won’t happen to you, ‘CHECK I.D’.

Make Sure You Confirm Before Allowing Access

You can easily overcome these sorts of scams on you’re doorstep, however if someone turns up at you’re door unannounced wanting to gain access to you’re property, if they are in any uniform even a police uniform, don’t let them in until you’ve checked they’re genuine.

Keep the door locked or on the security chain on, while you look up the number of the local police station, phone company, gas board or whatever organization they claim to represent, then phone them up and ask if they have sent two constables or employees round.

It helps to keep a list of numbers to hand by you’re phone or stored within the phone itself, because if you’re under stress, you’re brain tends to go off on a tangent and part of the con man/woman’s success depends on getting people in hurried panic and then just keep moving you along- ‘Come on, do you want it repairing or don’t you, ‘ultimatums’ a professional would never put you under such stress.

If the repair men or police officers are genuine, they won’t mind waiting, ‘a police officer would be happy that you are taking the appropriate steps in securing yourself and you’re property.

Never let anyone across you’re  threshold , just because they show you a pass doesn’t mean they have an automatic entry ticket into you’re property, no one else has rights over your own home.

‘Stand up for Yourself’

Take you’re time to assess the situation

Then simply run through the check list above.

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