Priorities During A Burglary

  • Phone Neighbour and Police for dual response.
  • Make noise, loud noise to drive burglar out.
  • Arm yourself as they are also likely to be armed.

What To Do During a Burglary

Normally the first thing you should do in a burglary situation is get help.  Your ability to communicate is vital. Don’t be put in the situation where you’ve left you’re mobile phone downstairs or worse the phone not being charged.

If you live in an isolated area or property and have something of value, it’s likely that burglars will cut the phone line. Mobile communication can’t be cut in the same way.

The first stage of you’re plan should be is to phone 999 or better still, dial you’re neighbour to call 999 for you. That way you will get two responses, one from the police and the other from the neighbour coming round in short time. If you phone the police direct there is a time lapse before you can get through to the neighbor.

Uppermost in you’re minds eye is the safety of yourself and that of you’re family. They should either stay in their rooms or congregate if possible in one room and lock and barrage the door shut. If there’s room, you should have a table or chest of drawers at the top of the stairs ready to push down should they attempt to come up. If space is tight, even a chair or a small cupboard is an obstacle. You’re creating a barrier between you and the burglar.

Control Your Anger

You may decide that you are going to go downstairs ; if so, don’t go down empty handed or barefoot. You have to curb you’re anger and aggression, control you’re aggression. If you don’t it will end up getting the better of you and you won’t be in control.

You know that you’re not going to be own your own forever, it’s  just a matter of time if you have put in the prior planning and preparation before help arrives.

If you are elderly and living alone, or a woman with young children, make where you are as safe and secure and avoid confrontation  with burglars.

A lot of elderly people live in bungalows , where they don’t have the protection of the stairs. In that particular case elderly people should have a deadbolt on their bedroom door and if they feel vulnerable then keep it locked during the night.

Rather than going downstairs, you’re response might be to smash a window  and scream out of it to alert passers by or neighbours, if you do take this option its vital that you do it correctly and not out of some involuntary fit or panic, ‘shout or scream as loudly as physically possible, throw something that will smash or break with loud noise on the pavement or ground below.

Remember you’re attracting the attention of the burglar and you have now triggered the flight or fight response within them, they are either going to come straight to you’re location within the house or they are going to bolt like lightning out the door, again this factor depends on what it is exactly it was that they are after and how dearly do they want it.

Make Noise

Before you go downstairs you should also make noise or try to find an alternative to a stun grenade to give you the edge.

People often try creeping down the stairs to catch the burglars red handed, the mistake people often make is its all fine and well catching them in the act but now what?

You’re trying to drive them out not confront them.

First communicate, then make noise, then go down if you’re going down. Wear a pair of heavy boots or footwear that makes a loud thud when you stomp and convince them that you’re six foot three wide across the shoulders.

Remember  security can be a great game of deception.

If you’re house is large then go through you’re house trying to clear them out through shouting, running down the stairs feigning anger, but what terror in you’re gut , use a bit of ‘bluff’ as well.

Just always be aware the burglars are more than likely armed.

Don’t shout random pointless threats,  let them know you mean business and that you are somewhat, experienced with these situations by having prepared a plan,  ‘the police have been contacted’ , ‘a neighbor is on his/her way. By doing this you are piling the pressure onto the burglar.

Burglar  steals bike from inside house during day-light hours.

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