Intruder Alarm System

Burglar Alarms

If you need to take the cheaper option, net curtains costing a few pounds and are actually a better investment in most cases than an alarm system costing several hundred pounds.

Burglar alarms in general are overrated as a security measure unless directly connected to the local police even then it’s to late; theres no equipment that mans ingenuity  can devise that mans ingenuity can also defeat.

Even if the alarm is working perfectly,we’re trying to stop people getting into your house and no alarm system will do that except by deterrent effect,which is minimal these days anyway.

The only thing that house and car alarms do is to alert some people,somewhere  that something is going on, but alarms go off so often that no one bats an eye any more.

Unless you arrange for an immediete response to the sounding of the intruder alarm, it is just a waste of money; all you have is a noise,Even that it is only temporary, for noise  abatement legislation complies house alarms to switch off automatically after thirty minutes.

Im not stating alarms are’nt good bits of kit, because they are excellent security investments, but when backed up with other appropriate security measures, if you install alarms within your property, back it up with security motion light sensors & cctv equipment, but please dont be fooled by having a false sense of security, the methods mentioned will not save your life or prevent someone gaining access to your property, they simply act as a detterent.

The whole achievement of personal home security is to prevent any burglar from even being attracted to your property in the first instance. Once you’ve done all the basic security work, if you really are a target because you stand out for one reason or another-your house is isolated or obviously contains things of great value-then you may wish to install alarms.

The entry points on the outside of the house outside of the house – the windows and the doors – should be wired. The alarms will then go off when someone is trying to break into house.

Volumetric alarms only sound when someone is already inside the house. All they’re telling you when you’re upstairs in bed is that someone is already in the room downstairs.

Response to Alarms

If you leave an accessible window open, you’re clearly providing an oppertunity for a burglar, but a system locking a swift and adequate responseto the sounding of the alarm provides an oppertunity. Burglars simply aren’t worried by alarms.

Many times they’ll simply stand off, throw a brick through the window or rattle a door to see if anyone responds to it. Many alarms are connected to the security company’s control station.

When they see that one has gone off, the alarm company will normally call the house or the key holder. If you answer your phone, there’s a code word to check that your not being held against your will. If they fail to get through to you or the key holder, or are not happy with your reply, they’ll call the police, but a minimum of ten minutes will have elapsed between the alarm sounding and the police appearing.

You would be much better to have your neighbours organised to phone the police if the alarm goes off, rather than waiting for the security company to call through, but even then, the police response is often too slow and and too late.

If you have a house alarm system installed make sure you do it through a well established security alarm company like ADT, they will provide a response to any alarm as they have the technology to filter out false alarms. A step ahead in the game.

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