Driving Abroad


If you’re driving yourself, the same principles of security should apply as when at home, but driving standards vary dramatically in different parts of the world and remaining in control is sometimes easier to discuss than to achieve. As a rule you can usually assess the driving standards of any city by observing where and how People Park and taking note of the number of cars with minor scrapes or damage to the body work can be a good indicator.

In many places you have to forget what you have learnt back at home and simply go with the flow and the traffic chaos even in some of Europe’s cultural capitals like Brussels or Paris for example makes you wonder if those responsible can be related in any way to the outstanding architects, artists and planners of the past.

For example Europe is a very fast hazardous place to drive in. If your flight for ferry arrives at peak rush hour you must consider this to be stressful conditions to drive in.

I once made the mistake of driving from the south west of Britain to the south of France via the channel tunnel, when I arrived in France it was peak rush hour where traffic was at a complete standstil,l far worse than the London M25,’and thats a statement’, for this reason I decided to pull into the local port town of Calais for a break until the traffic chaos eased up, using only a satellite navigation system as my guide, it was an unexpected trip that I hadn’t planned for so was unfamiliar to the lay out of the road system, I was driving through a narrow street  trying to navigate and drive at the same time, I then pulled out from a junction only to be involved in a full on side impact crash from another vehicle,’ my mistake fully’, as when I pulled out I was looking to my right for oncoming traffic when the other vehicle ploughed straight into the side of me, I had misjudged and forgot to take into account that the traffic is on the opposite side of the road, only in the U.K do we drive on the left, a combination of tiredness and confusion proved very costly indeed.

If you’re not used to driving abroad the initial switch from driving on one side to another can be quite disorientating and take a little getting used to.

It’s the Simple facts that you will simply look over when planning your journey via car.