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Importance of Research

Researching and reading up before you leave for your destination shouldn’t be something you see as a chore ; if you learn even the basics of the destination your travelling to, people, culture and local authorities, you will have already conquered have the battle of staying safe and secure, you will have a much more enjoyable time knowing the basics.

Internet research on places where you’re thinking about taking a holiday, in doing so it will also influence your choice of destination. It maybe that you don’t want to go to a particular place at a particular time due to medical or other reasons. A country with a high crime rate may persuade you to give it a miss, for example you wouldn’t want to restrict your enjoyment by going to a country during Ramadan.  Numerous amounts of people return from holiday complaining that they didn’t like the place and making comments like, ‘I didn’t know it was going to be like that’.

Had they done some reading and research in the first place they wouldn’t have made the mistake in the first place.

Research Is The Key

The information you will get from the internet is the next best thing to actually going there and finding out for yourself, it will also give you the full details of your destination including the bad points and the downsides or dangers.

Find out as much as you can about the local crime rate, and areas in which crime is normally perpetuated, make sure you have an accurate perception of the place you’re going to.

Don’t just sum up somewhere because you heard through the media that it’s a terrible place to be or go to, do your own personal research.

If you’re going on a holiday to an unfamiliar country of the normal tourist track, use a source called the Economists guide, which gives you lots of useful background information on places to avoid, local customs, hotels, guides, taxis and car rental.


No one is suggesting that you go through physical stress researching you’re travel destination, it is a holiday after all, not a military campaign – but a little planning in advance will ensure you will arrive at your  destination  safely .

There is no excuse,  if you can afford to go on holiday you can afford to use the internet.

Have Respect For The Local Culture

You may be a tourist , but your also a guest of that country in which you decided to travel to and you should through the way you dress and conduct yourself, an important fact that most forget is that you are also a representative of your home country.

In a Muslim country , women should dress accordingly wearing long sleeves and a long dress covered up to the neck, or trousers. If you show bear arms and legs , you’re going to be disrespectful and cause offence. Some Muslim societies will allow a more relaxed attire.

British holidaymakers travel to countries like Tunisia or Morocco without really giving the culture a second thought, but these are also Muslim countries with very different social attitudes and customs. Female tourists go wandering into the villages in a bikini and shorts and wonder why the locals throw things and shout at them.

Try and least learn the greeting in the native language, even if that’s all you know it will get you a lot further than if you didn’t know it, ‘trust me’.

Also teach or have the rest of your travel companions to learn basic native phrases for the country your travelling to, especially you’re children, if they get lost at least they can communicate with their environment.

When at your holiday destination don’t be so reliable on modern technology in case a problem arises, always have a back up plan. There is a number of potentially difficult situations you could end up in but by doing your research you will be aware of the potential security threats allowing you to plan your security abroad correctly.

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