Vehicle Emergency Kit

Incase Of An Emergency

There are certain things you should have in the car all the time: a medical kit, torch, spare wheel (fully inflated), wheel brace, water, to drink and to refill radiator, mobile phone, spare battery fully charged.

Its always wise to join the RAC, AA, Green-Flag, Britannia, you never know when the inevitable comes into play, often when we least most expect it.

It’s also advisable to carry in you’re vehicle, high visibility vests, every worker on the motorway is required by law to wear one when operating on the motorway.

Made out of a special material the vest is designed to give high visibility to the individual wearing it night and day.

Obviously if you are forced to pull the car into the hard shoulder or you break down it is advisable for every occupant of the vehicle to wear one.


Make sure you’re vehicle is regularly serviced and check it thoroughly before you set off on any long journey.

You don’t want to be put into a potentially dangerous situation either because of a mechanical fault. If there is anything that needs attention, get it fixed.

Make sure the car is always at least half full of petrol and check the oil, water/coolant levels and tyre pressure, including spare as mentioned earlier in vehicle emergency kit.

People usually tend to check the car when they are about to depart not allowing any room for error.

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