Vehicle Security

Secure the car as an extension of your home.

Try and create the same impression in the car as you do in your house or on foot, so that you dont stand out from the crowd.

You also want to give the impression that you are just one in the crowd and that your car contains nothing of value, because the majority of car crime is opportunistic – smash and grab- smash the window and steal the radio or the bag left on the seat. If there’s nothing attractive visible in it, the thief will move on to another target.

Think Car Security

The safest place for your car is in the garage with the door locked or in the driveway with the gate shut. If you have to leave the car outside in the street, park it under a street light.

You may need to get a car alarm installed if you own an old vehicle, all new cars come with the alarm installed as standard, you will need an alarm because of the threat of theft.

Car alarm systems have become very effective in the fight against crime, but the comments we made about alarms in your house also apply to your car. There’s nothing man can devise that man can’t defeat and since no one pays the slightest bit of attention to car alarms going off  because there are so many false alarms, without organised response all you have is a noise.

As in your house do the cost effective security measures first. Before you spend any money on a car alarm get a bar that goes across the steering wheel or stick on a wheel clamp, a steering lock costs just a few quid, it would be quite easy for your experienced thief but from the thieve’s perspective they want the quick easy option.

Having a Car Security Deterrent is essential

To have a deterrent is essential as it does deter thieve’s as it adds to the time they will need before they can drive away. If someone is looking to take a car and yours has nothing of value in sight and has visual security measures in place, then they will look elsewhere for a car to steal.

Wheel stealing is also incredibly popular amongst car thieve’s. Avoid your 19″ chrome or  flashy alloy wheels only likely to attract attention and consider a locking nut for your wheels, although again not that effective, because the thief knows that in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred the key for the locking nut will be in the car.

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