Key Security

House Keys & Car Keys

The best door and window locks in the world will not be the slightest bit of use to you should you lose the key.

People often leave keys for their kids hidden in cracks in the wall and in flowerpots, on a ledge or even under a stone, etc, it goes on. Yet if you trust your kids to pick up a key from under a stone, why not just give them a key in the first place?

If you put a key under a brick, you’ve no longer got control of the key; it’s controlled by the brick. Burglars and thieves’ know the obvious places to hide keys and since people tend to hide them in places that are easy for their children or relatives to find, the odds are that the burglar is going to find them as well.

Apply some cost free common sense.

Car Keys

Car keys are another desirable target, thieves will target you for your car keys alone.

We often keep our car keys in the same place – kitchen, lounge or hanging on a hook on the wall. As human beings we are creatures of habit, you’r habits and routine may prove almost as damaging to you.

Burglars may not know the specifics or exactly where the car keys are kept  but they know enough about human nature to know where to look.

The best place to keep your keys is in your pocket but if you must keep them in the kitchen at least keep them out of sight. Remember the longer the thief has to search the more likely he will give up.

Please remember Security measures don’t have to be costly, ugly or obtrusive.

Security is vital.

Two prime weaknesses on a house are easily accessible windows and unsecured doors.

Your probably thinking that CCTV alone will do the job, all cctv provides is pre warning on someone’s arrival and the recording of data footage on their ventures within your property, which is great for viewing pleasure but unfortunately does not prevent a burglar from getting in.

Remember your thinking last line of defences here then CCTV will not prevent your home from being broken into.

It depends on the pros and cons for the burglar and going back t0 the question ” is it all really worth while breaking in”, you also have to take into account its quite easy for a burglar to put up a hood or don a mask evading cctv capture, simple but effective counter measures can be taken to avoid CCTV capture.

So for now forget the deterrent, having your basics strengthened like your windows, doors, garages etc, is vital, because if a burglar is at your door or window then your deterrents have failed and it’s too late.


We have gone over some basic security measures that are cost free and very effective measures which you can apply now, however with every example given you would be foolish not to have some sort of surveillance equipment installed into your property, the great thing about modern times is security technology, “as we have already discussed” is reasonably affordable giving us more choice of cctv security systems and other related security equipment,  if you value what you what possessions you have and more importantly the safety of yourself and family you should acquire one soon.

Remember to evaluate the security risks before purchasing expensive security equipment.

I have had cctv in place since i had my home broken into and my car vandalised, ‘I haven’t had a problem since’,  no one likes to be recorded, especially if you’re a burglar or thief, evidence is a key factor in securing a conviction of a thief who has broken into your property, the main purpose of having your cctv installed is that you want people to know you have it installed as to act as a detterent.

CCTV covers every security vulnerability of home security.

Security Concerns has put together for you some recommendations which include, CCTV systems, light security sensors and detectors we currently have installed within and around our property.

You will find it most comforting just by applying common sense and some of the security measures above, also you will have greatly increased you’re chances of not becoming a victim of burglary.