Street Security

The Same basic principles apply to street security as they do in the home or vehicle. You must restrict the criminal’s opportunity as much as possible and curtail their ability to take advantage of those opportunities that cannot be removed altogether.

As in Car and home security you wouldn’t leave your doors and windows open when you go out and similarly, you must not put your most valuable item – yourself – in a vulnerable position on the street.

If your travelling on foot during a night out make sure you don’t wear expensive add ons,  like the duty rolex watch or the latest  gadget mobile phone, ‘ladies leave the bags at home’ these items are designed to attract, so it’s likely to attract attention when your walking home at three in the morning after a few drinks.

Think wise.

Security Awareness

  • The perception of crime on the street is always greater than the actual reality of it. There are plenty of places its safe to walk and just a few where you’re dramatically increasing the risks.
  • You need to know the risks and when to change the way you approach them. Plan ahead, learning to be aware of your surroundings, anticipating dangerous situations, avoiding trouble where possible and always having another option available.
  • People always get caught out because they go from their normal, safe rural or suburban environment to a major city without making the appropriate adjustments or preparation for the journey at hand.
  • We have an all to familiar tendency as people to treat the outside world like we do when we are in the so called comfort zone and often leave the home or office without even giving the thought of being involved in a potentially dangerous street crime where you become the victim.
  • In your own locality you know where its safe to walk and where you feel unhindered even at night.

Plan and Prepare & Stay Aware!

The danger comes when you go to an unfamiliar area, a new town, city  or even the local housing estate up the road  if you are not aware of the environment you are in you can feel vulnerable. You don’t want to become paranoid, walking around armed up to the teeth or walking about in full proof body armour or worse still not even leaving your home in the first place.

But you must  calculate the risks/danger of the area you are in and adopt sensible precautions. You can’t do to many complicated things  because you will never remember them all, the key is to keep it simple and stick to those methods that are basic and become second nature.

Very few things happen on the street which aren’t detectable in advance, but if you are not aware and to busy listening to the duty mp3 or walking and talking or even texting on your mobile whilst walking, distractions in which you will have no chance  of spotting the danger signals.

In an urban environment don’t just look at the point of focus in front of you look beyond it look past the nearest people in front of you and look all around you , not frantically but in a relaxed fashion, we take in more info when we are relaxed, when taking things in our stride we can make sense of things that are happening around us, allowing us the opportunity to spot a potentially threatening situation.’Try to pick out those who may pose a threat and places where you feel vulnerable’.

Any attacker or mugger will be conspicuous in there movements at times, instead of ignoring what people around you are doing because you have a notion people will think your nosy, as you’ve done in the past , you have to make yourself aware of them, you have to observe and understand the environment that your in in order to be adequately prepared  for a number of potentially threatening situations you may find yourself in whilst out on the street, ignorance is bliss so they say but ignorance may one day be your downfall.

After virtually every street crime the police will come along and ask people questions , did you see anything suspicious? Did you hear anything suspicious?  They get sick of hearing the reply, I thought at the time it was little bit odd at the time…but its to late.

You must use these triggers to say to yourself , that’s odd, ‘why is he standing there like that‘.

Most of us can distinguish when something is right and the opposite when something is wrong, when you think to yourself that looks suspicious,then take note and contact the authorities.

You may have just prevented a potential terrorist act.

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