Security for Women

One for the Ladies

Statistics show that women are more vulnerable to Personal attack or theft than men.

In order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of personal attack or street robbery,  apply some of the personal security measures mentioned below.

The task of protecting yourself whilst at home or away from home is relatively easy, for protection at home, have a top quality proven security system with monitoring services installed.

Having an effective security system installed can protect you from, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, medical emergencies, burglary and personal assault.

Selecting an effective security system that combines all of the above should be chosen with extreme care and only installed through a reputable security company like ADT or the equivalent of.

Personal security whilst out in the vilage,town or city is equally important. A valuable tool for women is to receive self-defence training.

There are many groups and different types of self defence training available. Self defence lessons if taught correctly will teach you how to deal with a personal attack when it occurs so that you can escape your attacker and more importantly it will teach  you how recognize and spot a potential situation before it occurs. You will learn techniques that will save your life.

When you are out in a densely populated  public area, as in shopping centre,public house,nightclub or the highstreet, keep a watchful eye over your bags.

Do not carry in your hand a purse with handles or carry a bag with no strap, these are easy targets for grab and run thieves.

Keep your purse in a bag that is strapped over your neck, not your shoulder. A bag that is strapped over your neck is more secure.

Personal Safety Device

There are personal safety devices that you can carry in your purse, bag or pocket.

Pepper spray is a good deterrent, there are some pepper sprays that can be attached to your key chain for quick and easy access.

Storage of your personal safety device is equally important. Its all good having a personal safety device but being able to access it and using it effectively is just as important. If the safety device is lying loose at the bottom of your bag or somewhere out of immediate reach it serves about as much use as not having one in the first place.

Pepper spray can slow down an attacker giving you time to escape to safety and seek help. The advantage of carrying a pepper spray is it is legal to carry.

Personal alarms are another effective deterrent, most personal alarms only require the user to pull a pin or press a button to activate it.

The personal alarm sends of a deafening siren scaring the attacker and attracting attention to the situation, something the attacker does not want.

Personal alarms can be purchased with a decibel rating of 110db which would easily discourage  an attacker.

The simplest and most cost effective personal alarm to carry is a loud whistle. This will again instantly draw attention to your situation and discourage the attack. You can carry the whistle around your neck or attached to your keychain.

So regardless of the personal security measure you choose remember it is ultimatley down to you to be responsible for your personal safety and security to stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times whilst out and about alone or with friends, when you are at home make sure you secure all windows and lock doors, if you have a security system installed don’t forget to activate your home security system.

Good security measures will give you peace of mind.

Honey Trap

Also be aware of  female criminals as well as male, ‘so you’ don’t become a victim of the (Honey Trap).

The Honey trap is when a female or females befriend you in order to gain your trust so that you drop your guard and place yourself in a vulnerable situation.

Definition: A scheme in which a victim is lured into a compromising sexual situation to provide an opportunity for blackmail or worse.

Remember don’t stand out from the crowd

(Top Seven Tips)

Don’t carry anymore personal items around than required.

Always carry your phone separate from your handbag.

When possible on a night out always leave with a friend, however if this is not possible  ensure you have pre-booked a taxi to pick you up at least 20mins before the venue closes, by doing this you ensure that you are not caught up in the chaos of closing time.

When out for whatever reason always make sure a friend or loved one knows  where you are.

Always be aware that the taxi is sticking to routes that you are familiar with whilst travelling in one.

Never leave your drink unattended in a public house or nightclub and  if accepting a drink from a stranger, always go to the bar with the person buying the drink.

When possible carry a panic alarm or spray perfume (this acts as a very good deterrent in the event of an attack).

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