Personal Security

Remember the first rule,  personal security starts with You, if you are not aware of  yourself then your definitely not going to be aware of others around you, as nice as it would be to live in an environment that was crime free, sadly this is not so and we have to tolerate the minority few who cause disruption through crime for the rest of us.

Personal safety statistics state that you are most vulnerable to personal attack when you are travelling, i.e. to work, again this does make easy pickings for a thief as you have minimal protection surrounding you, also you are more than likely carrying a few hundred pounds worth of gadgets on your person, so unless you are Jackie Chan you will  9 times out of 10  give into the demands of the thief/attacker.

Keep Someone Informed

It is advisable therefore when travelling to always keep a family member or spouse updated as to your location and whereabouts, also carry a personal alarm, you can now pick a personal alarm up for not a lot of money these days, the best personal alarm devices are those that leave a purple dye on the attacker/ thief, the dye only shows up under ultra violet light so the attacker will not be aware that he has been sprayed and can be easily identified by police when caught.


You can fit a personal alarm into your coat pocket or handbag and they are almost weightless. It is strongly advised that whilst travelling you carry one of these devices on your person to alert others to your situation.

Prepare Yourself

Preparations should be made before every journey, simple things like making sure you have a fully charged mobile phone,  if travelling by vehicle, make sure you have the appropriate equipment in case of a breakdown.

Project Confidence

The way you present yourself on the street is also vital. People walking tend to go at three different paces. There’s the brisk walk as opposed to someone on their way to work, then there’s the trundlers, dawdlers a good example would be tourists or window shoppers. Dawdlers give thieves more opportunity .


The way that you dress is just as important as the way you project yourself, for even modifying your clothing may be enough to remove any unwanted attention. You don’t have to wear a police uniform , but if your going somewhere where you are concerned that there may be a risk of mugging or violent attack, dress down to reduce risks- flat shoes or shoes you can at least run in, trousers and loose clothing.

You don’t want  to stand out from the crowd and your also better equipped  to escape trouble if it happens.

Leave  the power dressing  outfit at home or change into it when you get to your destination, don’t wear or carry high expensive  add ons, expensive watch, diamond necklace etc.

Just as in your house you don’t put your valuables in the front window; someone will steal them, its not a case of will they, it’s a case of when will they.

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